Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ah, Crochet is pretty good too!

I haven't crocheted in so long. It was really nice to be forced back in to that wonderful form and needlework to finish the edge of my baby blanket.

And, yes, to those of you who know that there was to be a matching pink one: it is also finished. Nina, if you are reading this, no fair telling Jenny before Wednesday!

But back to crochet, I think one of my all favorite crochet items are "doilies". I have so many from my mother-in-law and sisters-in law and I love them. And this time of year, I think there's nothing much better than a Christmas tree with lots of crocheted snow flakes. (Oh, I guess I should admit: No, I didn't make these; they are a mail order purchase.)

Now that I'm up to date on my knitting, and the first group of family Christmas visitors have come and gone, I think I'll actually get back to my quilting project that has been so patiently awaiting my return.

And in the meantime, even though it's a night early: from our East Tennessee home

from Mary Lynn and Terry


craftaddictconfessional said...

My mom used to make those crochet doilie stars, too. I have some I hang on my tree. Merry Christmas!

Knitserland said...

There is nothing that says Christmas like crocheted snowflakes! And no, I didn't make mine either, they were perchased from a sweet 96 year old woman at a Michigan craft fair a few years ago. They are hanging in my windows as we speak!

Hope your Chrismas was Merry!

Are the pink and blue blankets for twins? It looks so nice.