Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Not a lot of quilting and knitting going on these days, but a little stitching here and there.

Most of you know that my daughter Anna Maria and her family welcomed the addition of  baby Roman last week.  so I was a bit busy helping out.

I was really tickled when I saw how she had the bassinet set up awaiting his arrival:

The "Dumbo" pillow case I cross stitched for her 30+ years ago.  The sheet that went with it became her "security blanket" and, although it's probably around somewhere, it is quite thread bare!

During the early quiet times of the baby's arrival at home, I did do a bit of embroidery.

I'm afraid that stitching will wait a while now, though, as I have the youngest of Roman's siblings (5 year old Eleni) here at my house keeping her "Nani & Papou" company for a few days.

I promised Anna Maria that I wouldn't post any photos of the baby until after she had more on her blog.  She's been a bit busy these days, so I guess you'll just have to wait a bit.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hooray, I finally got back to and finished my log cabin quilt!
It will stay right here on top of the duvet cover until I'm finished patting myself on the back as I walk by and admire it.

I even found the perfect spot to do the final hand stitching on the binding.  I took my sewing machine out of the cabinet, laid the quilt on top  and was able to watch a gentle rain outside as I completed the last stitches.

Now I just have to decide what's next:  some more of my blocks of the month, the hand embroidery on the quilt I finished several months ago, another emboidery project that I'm thinking will be the center of a quilt, or start a new project.  Hmmmmm I do have a godchild expected the end of the summer.

Ah, but speaking of new projects.  I won't be posting for a little while as I'm going to Nashville next week to await the arrival of a new grandson and help out a bit after he and his mama come home.  Couldn't be a better new project than that!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Wow, I have lots of goodies to drop off at my local knitting shop that is a drop off spot for charities.
A couple more ladies from church brought me donations this past week.
These blankets will go to Project Linus.

Along with those shown a few posts ago, these rectangles will be sent off to make afghans for wounded military.

These quilts will also go to Project Linus.

And these blankets will go to a local crisis pregnancy center.

Thanks ladies!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


She's been gone several years now.
Sometimes it seems like yesterday;
Sometimes it seems an eternity.

She taught me so much:
My love of so many things in this life.
My love of gardening and everything living,
My love of sewing and everything humanly created.

But most of all, she taught me her love of our Risen Lord.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
I miss you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, I finished assembling my Log Cabin quilt top this afternoon.  I think I'll wait until it's finished to show it to you, though.  However, I'll tease just a bit, maybe:  I think that the stripe at the bottom of this "whopper-jawed" Roy G. Biv pile (pre-washing) will be the binding.

After washing and before adding to my stash cupboard, I restacked--lots of great PJ fabric in there.

Ah, and here's a bit more of the Roy G. Biv stacking.  This time, though it's the 6x9s done by a few of our church ladies that will be donated for afghans to be assembled for wounded military.  I'm sure I'll be getting lots more in coming weeks.

And speaking of donations, this is another of the comforters that I made with donated fabric.  I also did my first label on the computer for this one--piece o' cake!

Hmm, not sure what's in store on the domestic front tomorrow.  Oh, yeah, I think I'm going to have to frog the 3 rows that I knitted on my sweater tonight.  DRATS!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


OK, so my laundry isn't as exciting as that of my  daughter's earlier this week.
However, I sure did have lots of fun going through a bag of fabric that was donated to our church group for quilt making for Project Linus.

And, yes, after they were all washed and folded, I did use the Roy G. Biv method of sorting  in sets of children's prints, solid, and miscellaneous (mostly floral) prints.  Although, I'm never quite sure what color to consider many of the prints!

And on the knitting front, as soon as this little wash cloth is finished (Most of you know just who it's for.),

I'll be on to making a vest for myself and a sweater for an August birthday, provided the recipient likes that pattern.  I'll let her decide.

As you can see, I've already done my gauge swatches, so I'm ready to roll.  
In fact, I'm ready right now to go finish that wash cloth and get on it!