Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Melange of Fabric -- and Quilting Stitches

Well, I decided before I began to make the jammies for my grandchildren this year that I should get rid of some of the scraps (AKA stash) from previous years of their pajamas.  Timing is good, too, as I wanted to make a baby quilt for a newborn at our church and also one for his one year old brother who I never got around to making a quilt for last year.

While I was at it, I made this quilt too.  I have no idea who it will go to; but always nice to have one on hand, don't you think?

Oh, yes, there's plenty of feminine fabric too, but I think I'll only work on one of those before I start sewing the Christmas jammies.

Oh, and I gotta tell ya'; I'm having so much fun with an old form of needle work that I haven't done in ages:  hand embroidery.  This quilt now has some machine (stitch in the ditch at the sashing) and hand quilting and machine (initials of the ladies in the fabric exchange who sent me the fabrics) and the hand embroidery running stitches and French knots that I have started in the sashing.

Only problem is:  I'm having so much fun with the embroidery (and it will take me FOREVER to get all the way around that quilt), that I'm neglecting my knitting.
 Gotta get back to it.  See you soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh my goodness, I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to meet several of my internet friends. Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I first got in to the internet friendship circles through a Weight Watchers Message Board.  Over the past couple years some of these women have truly become my best friends.

7 of my quilting friends are spending a few days on their own little  "quilting retreat" at a wonderful retreat center in western North Carolina.   I was not able to go for the entire time, but  since I live in East Tennessee, I decided to drive there for the day yesterday.  You'd have thought I'd known these women all my life.  It was a wonderful day.

These women have been absolutely wonderful to  and for me this year with my health challenges--sending me all kinds of periodic  little  "pick me ups".  It was truly an honor to get to meet each and every one of them.  I just wish that more of our quilting group could have been there.  They are all so very generous.  One is involved making quilts for injured service men and women.  I was able to hand deliver some red white and blue fabric to her to help with her efforts.  

Another is involved in making quilts for hospitalized children.  I made a few quilt tops that I was able to give to her personally.

While they were all sewing away on their quilt projects (Yes, they all had their sewing machines with them,)   I was busy knitting like a fiend all day so that I could give them each a dish cloth--just a little something to pay back all the love and care that they have shown me.

And speaking of knitting, I have also been communicating with a Weight Watcher's knitting group.  These lovely ladies got together and collectively knit me a prayer shawl. The weather was perfect for me to wear it to church this past Sunday.  Since the ladies who knit at the beginning of the project never saw the completed shawl, just thought I'd show you all how lovely it turned out!


Sorry about the underlining; I'm still figuring out the commands for this site on my new computer!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I don't quite know why, but somehow in the autumn it seems at my house that it's time for home deocrating.
Maybe it's because, with fewer daylignt hours outside, I'm in the house more.
Maybe it's because I'm getting in gear for the really big decorating season; you know the one I'm talking about.
Anyway, I received a special little gift in the mail a couple weeks ago:  quilters charms.  Just fit the bill to get me in my autumn decorating.  Made perfect scarf for my coffee table, and with the autumn "dish" that my godmother gave me years ago, my living room now seems all spruced up for autumn.

And with autumn in the air Turkey Time can't be too far away.  In Tom Turkey's honor, I made a dishcloth.  But then I had to try something Christmassy too.  Alas no red or forest green cotton yarn in the house so the best I could come up with was a yellow star.  I have downloaded several other patterns that I'm eager to try.

And speaking of Christmas: yes I finally have started on those jammies.  The fabric you see here is now pj bottoms for the two oldest granddaughters that will go with the tops.  

 And there are three plaid fabrics on my cutting table just waiting for their turn for the 3 older boys.  Hooray, I'm gettin' there--and even a little ahead of the game this year, maybe.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Quilts and Another Beret

Well, after playing around with different commands, I've finally figured out how to do this.  I just hope I'll remember it next time.  

So here it is:   I've finally finished the quilts for my husband's nephew's twins, a boy and a girl.  They will go in the mail next week.  I think maybe they were rolled up and folded in the mailing box a bit too long already, hence the wrinkles.  I promise I really had pressed!

I also have all but the hand embroidery finished on this quilt that's been on my back burner for several weeks.

And I finally finished knitting what I believe will be the last beret I'll be making for quite a while.

And here's a funny for you:  Remember the netting that I purchased for crocheting pot scrubbies?  Well, I'm happy that I  bought a lot extra netting.  My husband needed something for his fish net to scoop up minnows.  OILA, a little ingenuity and we've got it covered:  

Happy to report the minnows that he captured in this modified net helped him catch a couple catfish and blue gills and one beautiful large mouth bass.  He released them so they're back happily swimming in our beautiful Tennessee River!  Maybe next time a couple fish will make it to the frying pan.  I'll let you know.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hmmm, can't figure this out

Well, I have a new computer and for some reason I am having trouble getting both text and photos in my blog set up window.  I'll be back with you when I figure it out--and with may tech abilities, that may be a while.  HA!