Friday, September 25, 2009


I took a little time out today from my usual quilting and knitting to make this little book bag and eyeglass case for my DGD's birthday.  Actually it made me do a few hours of free motion quilting getting all those butterflies outlined--not very even or neat stitches, but at least I won't have any 4-H judges (ah, the memories) checking it out.

The baby bunny quilt is finished.  (It's been folded, hence the creases.)

And I did make a decent label, for a change.  

Gotta go wrap the quilt so I can give it this weekend when I see my goddaughter (baby's mama) at my grandson's baptism.

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Jan said...

Hi Mary Lynn! That bag and glass case are both absolutely adorable my dear! Love those butterflies and you did an excellent job w/the "queeelting!" Love those yo-yo's on the bunny quilt too. Soooooooo cute :)