Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've been having lots of fun the past couple days using up some "postage stamp" strips that I've had left over for a few years. (They are from one of my very first quilting projects. I am pretty much a "self taught" quilter, but I did take one class a few years ago, just to learn some basics. The class available at the time happened to be for a postage stamp quilt, so I took that class and made a couple pillows. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to make a whole quilt with such little pieces (1 inch squares {finished}). Anyway, I had a lot of strips left over and decided that my daughter Anna Maria's "Rainbow Around the Block" project would be a good use of that part of my stash.
So this is what I have come up with. All of these blocks, as you see, do not use the postage stamp strips. I simply used up the fabrics that I had put with the strips.
There were several blues and greens:

and a few in the reds:

And although the postage stamp stash is gone, I still have lots of other little pieces to use somehow.
And I see that there are a few (down in the bottom right corner) that will go with the above blues. Hooray.

Oh, and since we've been doing patchwork inside and out around here, I even did it in the kitchen the other day.
If you don't have enough of one kind of fruit to make a pie, might as well make a patchwork pie, too.


Oh, and yes, it was quite yummy!


Dale in Ms. said...

The patchwork fruit pie is a brilliant idea!!
Must have been quite tasty when the juices blended together!! I enjoy reading about the things you do and amazed at how much you get done....

Jan said...

Awwwwww Mary Lynn! Beautiful blocks for AM's wonderful cause :) Oh and I adore the IC below!!!! Now, please, please, pretty please, pass me a piece of that amazing looking "patchwork pie!!!" Hope it's a good day in TN :)