Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, now . . . a couple decisions to make. I think it will be pretty easy for me to make the second decision, but the first I'll leave up to my grandson.

Each year for Christmas, I make the grandchildren PJs. I started out making the sets: tops and bottoms. A couple years ago, one of my daughters suggested I just make the pants and get t shirts for them to wear with them. Great idea! So that's what I've been doing.
I have most of this year's already sewn together, just waiting for measurements to finish off the hems and the waist elastic.
I found this "circle print" fabric a few moths ago and REALLY like it. I'm thinking it would be great for my almost 13 yo grandson. Like his mama, he's quite artistic AND he's TOTALLY in to skate boarding. So I'm thinking he'll like it. But to be on the safe side, I've got the small black/beige window pane print (background).
I'll let him make the decision. I sure hope he wants those circles!


The easy decision is whether to fix this bit of knitting, or not. It's a hooded scarf. I already took out about 20 rows and redid it as I had skipped one of the cable twists. Last night after redoing several rows, I realized that I did the twist wrong. YIKES. Decision: Back to the drawing (or knitting, as it were) board, I guess.

Oh, I'll let you know what Nicolas decides about his PJs!

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