Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yes, I'm back home. In fact I've been home a while -- got home two weeks ago today.

A few days my first week were spent in Nashville staying with grandchildren while Mom and Dad and big sis were at the Spring Quilt Market.

Then trying to catch up on the house and get a little bit of a garden started has kept me pretty busy.

I have managed to add a couple more strips to the charity quilt that's been on my "design wall" for a couple months now. Hopefully that top will be finished this week.

I did do a bit of knitting while I was gone. I've found that socks are the perfect travel project -- easy to pack and not too cumbersome to work on in an airplane seat.

I didn't quite have the second pair finished when I cam home and I didn't have a good large eye tapestry needle, so the first three socks traveled home keeping each other very good company, strung on the same two knitting needles waiting for the Kichener stitch. It worked.

I've started on another pair of socks . . .

and the next birthday sweater.

So that's what I've been up too lately.

I think I'm going to go downstairs, get my "design wall" and see if I can figure out a spot to put it in the laundry room. (I'm basically lazy and don't like to pick up my "stuff" every time I leave the project, but it's really driving me nuts having it left out in a living area all the time.) So the work space area dilemma continues . . .


Brittney said...

Hope you had a fun time here in Nashville!
I knit a pair of socks with that same orange & pink & green yarn in a similar pattern and they are now one of my favorite pairs! I wasn't sure at first because the yarn wasn't knitting up very soft, but after completion, they are my go-to cold weather pair :) I followed the Charade pattern by Sandra Park on Ravelry.

Eileen said...

LOVE those socks