Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I hate to bore you all with the fun I am having with this quilt, but as it's my first "real quilt" it is very exciting for me. Remember a while back when I cut many of my half square triangles too small? Well, as one who learned from her mother NEVER to waste anything, I found the perfect use for them! Even after adding my own blocks around the ones that I received from my dear quilting friends, I decided that I needed my quilt to be a little longer. After all when I use it for an afternoon nap, my tootsies can't be sticking out! So I made a border for each end using the once too small triangles to make a diamond square block border.

(The purple/brown you see with it will be the binding.)

And here it is, all pieced together, waiting to be pinned for sandwiching (which I also managed to do last night).

And speaking of not wasting anything, I had 2 blocks left, so I made myself a little quilting bucket. And while I was at it, I made a pencil holder for my quilt markers too. (That's a hairspray container with the top cut off. I put a few florist marbles in the bottom so it wouldn't get top heavy with the pencils in it.)

And now that my ironing board is "freed up" I have some sweater pieces being blocked. I MUST finish those sweaters before I put my quilt on the frame. Oh, dear, will I be able to keep the discipline? Stay tuned; I'll let you know!


Knitserland said...

Beautiful quilt! Will you be hand or machine quilting it?

Mary Lynn said...

Thank you. I will be hand quilting it.

Sonnja said...

What a beautiful quilt you made!
Kind Regards.


Sam said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You've done a fantastic job.

Knitserland said...

Hand quilted, too! How glorious!

I look forward to seeing it's progression!