Monday, July 30, 2007

NOW I can share the secret projects

A few of the projects that I have been working on lately, I haven't shared yet. I didn't dare ruin a surprise.

I have become cyber-friends with several fellow "Weight Watchers". In one group (quilters) there has been the sadness two family deaths mingled with the joy of an upcoming birth. Some very sweet ladies thought it would be nice for us to show our love for our friends by making quilts--each of us making one block and mailing it to one of the quilting sisters who assembled it. The assembled pieces were then sent on to be quilted, then bound by two more talented ladies. Here are my squares that became part of the quilts. One of the quilts was mailed to Indiana last week;

the other was delivered in person today when several of our group were able to meet in Florida in person.

(For many of you experienced quilters out there, these blocks are no big deal. But in my defense for showing such simple things, I'm a pretty new quilter. Until about a year ago, all I had done was 5" square blocks serged together. My big step after that was the friendship squares for a block exchange with this same group of ladies. So for me this is like a few giant steps forward.)

The expectant mom (from Massachusetts, if I remember correctly) was one of those at the Florida get-together today. I had mailed this baby soap, wash cloth and soap bag

(along with some purchased pink baby towels, all wrapped it up in a box with a crochet chain "bow")

to one of today's attendees so she could deliver my surprise, along with MANY others that had been sent to her. Latest word is that baby "Sweet Pea" won't be needing too many clothes for a while as she was "well showered". I can't wait to hear more details.

I have many times heard the adage that sorrow shared is lessoned, and joy shared is multiplied. I pray that this is true for these wonderful women whom I have had the pleasure to know through the internet.

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Bethany Hissong said...

You are inspiring me to quilt! And I appreciate your words of wisdom...

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