Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wow, my new little granddaughter will be quite the "stylin' "young lady with her brand new bedding ensemble that her mother chose the fabric for! Some of you may remember the rag
quilt that I have started.

I'm waiting to get my "good" sewing machine (with its walking foot) back from the shop before I continue. But I thought that you might like to take a gander at the other items that will go with it. I just finished covering her big (Can't believe he's a big sibling now, as he's been the "baby" of our crew for a while!) brother's blue crib bumper with this wonderful print. The same print in a different color will be the bed skirt for a bed in her room, for her to grow in to when she's too big for her crib.

I must admit that when I realized that I was going to have to do a lot of seam matching, I was a little leery of the process. Perhaps this is true of all good quality fabric; I have no idea: but as long as I got the horizontal pattern lined up, the vertical pattern matched up at exactly 1 inch from the edge of the selvage. What a relief!

Now this little "Punkin' Doodle" hasn't arrived yet. (Her expected day of arrival is her great grandfather's birthday. Wouldn't that be a bonus!) However, her oldest cousin--who will be able to give her lots of "stylin' " tips --will turn 16 on Sunday. And this young lady loves and looks absolutely adorable in all kinds of vintage clothing. Perhaps she might like to get a family vintage sweater for her milestone birthday. (That's a collar, not a hood, by the way.)

I hope so! My mom knit this for me when I was in high school. I have always loved it and would love for our special young lady to have it.

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Knitserland said...

Cute fabrics for the bedding! So bright and fun and all *girl* :)

I've only pattern matched once and of course it was on a commissioned quilt so that was a bit of added stress. It wasn't terrible but certainly not something I look forwardt to doing again soon.

Hope your granddaughter likes the sweater! How fun to see her wearing it.