Saturday, January 5, 2008

Too many quilts, too little time

Oh, goody I was able to find some more 30s fabric for my "nursery" quilt. (A couple pieces aren't really 30's but coordinate well, so I picked them up too.)

I thought I'd keep busy with that until the fabric arrived for my new grandbaby's quilt. Well, lo and behold, it came the same day I got home from the store with my new 30s fabric.
What wonderful service: ordered on line on Saturday, and it arrived Thursday. Great on-line prices and what a fun package to open, wrapped up so pretty.

So like any good Nani, my 30s blocks and fabrics are back in the cupboard and I'm playing with my first rag quilt.

As I was cutting these pretty blocks last night, my peripheral vision caught site of some gingham stash that I had just laundered. Oops, there goes my busy mind. Wouldn't a gingham rag quilt be adorable--in all colors of gingham! And, of course, there's all that flannel stash that fills a couple dresser drawers--already cut in to 5 inch blocks. That just might be good way to use like-themed bits and pieces of baby flannel.

Oh, and I was watching Simply Quilts yesterday morning and saw the "flower pounding" (actually pounding flowers on to fabric, transferring the pigment) program. I think I might just have give that a try, too--perhaps just before it's time for my poinsettia leaves to drop. But I'd better stop thinking while I'm ahead.

I should have been thinking a little more clearly to help me figure out why I wasn't getting rid of my lingering cough. Oops, I think I might just be allergic to mohair. Finished up this scarf a little short of plan with a trusty mask last night and it's out of the house soon.

That takes care of the baby blue yarn; somebody's definitely going to inherit some beautiful purple mohair yarn!


Knitserland said...

So much fabric, so little time!

Felicia said...

That quilt layout is beautiful!