Saturday, May 24, 2008


Oh, gee, it's Memorial Day weekend. Does that mean it's picnic time?

Ever since I received a couple "food themed" pieces of fabric from internet friends for my birthday in February, I have had in mind that I should make a "picnic quilt". Too bad that my Tennessee Star quilt isn't completed yet; when a gal had something in mind she's just got to get on with it right? So the fabrics are all purchased (unless I decide I need a couple more) and cut

and a few are even pieced. I've placed the ones I have done here so that you can see the blocks and how they will be arranged. (Of course they will be spaced further apart once I get the other blocks finished.)

The TN Star is patiently waiting for me to finish the quilting.

I'm even trying something a little different this time--some embroidery in the "non pattern" squares. Until I'm better at it, though, I'm sticking with tone on tone color, so it may be difficult to see that I am trying to mimic the surrounding print in the embroidery. (If you click on the photo, you can get an enlargement and will be able to see the embroidery.)

In the meantime, I'm also working on the sweater for a June birthday for a special young lady who will be entering her teens. The back is finished and is all blocked and ready to be sewn to the fronts and sleeves as soon as they are completed.

So with all these fun projects to complete, I guess I need to leave the keyboard and get busy!

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