Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Plan

Well, I have my next quilt pretty much laid out on my planning board (otherwise knows as a sheet on the floor). Before doing that, I played around with individual half square triangles to get the flow of the colors just the way I thought I wanted it.

But after getting my completed blocks on the sheet, I changed my plan once again. You can see that some of the blocks are finished and there are others yet to go.

So far, all the completed blocks have the same fabric in the center and diagonal corner of the 9 patch blocks. The remaining blocks will have varying central colors which will alternate with the current ones. If that doesn't make sense, stay tuned and I'll update you as I progress. (You probably already know that I don't get to my quilting too often, so that may be a while!)

By the way, sorry about the extra little objects in my photos; I forgot to crop them when I first downloaded them and now can't figure out how to go back and do that. (Will I ever be techno savvy?) So you'll just have to live with seeing my very favorite at home shoes--my trusty Berks!

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