Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picnic butterflies

My picnic quilt top is finally assembled.

I was looking for a red and white checked fabric with black ants crawling around for the sashing, but alas, I looked to no avail. However, I found these lovely butterflies,

and I would consider butterflies invited guests at my picnic whereas the ants would have been uninvited.

So I guess it all works out, Huh?


patti7 said...

I love the butterflies! Sure it will turn out great. Thanks so much for sharing what you make on this blog!


Em said...

Oh, that will be very pretty! I love the butterflies - If I had that fabric, I would use it to make my girlie a beautiful butterfly skirt or dress - but binding a picnic quilt works too.

jessi said...

I've been looking for that red checked fabric for a while too and only able to find a deep pink and white checked with the ants...not quite the same thing though