Thursday, July 3, 2008

The best thing since . . .

sliced bread. I think that's the expression, anyway isn't it? Oh, and since I'm about to talk about "sandwiching", I guess the sliced bread reference fits!

Well, my daughter, Anna Maria, let me in on the secret a couple weeks ago about taping my quilt to the floor for sandwiching it, then basting it right there where it stays put and nice and taut. Wow, what a treat!

I used a curved needle to do the basting, but I have heard others recommend the very long (but straight) "doll" needles.

So it's all basted now and just waiting for me to have the nerve to try stitch in the ditch machine quilting on it. (It's 72 x 72.) I think I'll do that on a day when I can use my kitchen table instead of my little sewing machine cabinet. So, that's where I am in the quilting world.

As for my knitting world projects: yes, I'm still working on the pretty lavendar sweater for my granddaughter. No, I didn't get it done it time for her birthday, but she was here last weekend and tried on what I have finished and it FITS and SHE LIKES IT. Whew, that's awesome, considering she just hit the teen years.

And when I have her sweater done, I'm making something fun for ME.

My daughter got me this book

a couple years ago and I think it's about time that I have fun with it. (I'm sure hoping that referencing and giving the title info, etc., is keeping me from breaking any copyright laws.)
Hopefully if you don't hear from me for a few days, it's 'cause I'm busy knitting and quilting, or enjoying myself with all the children and grandchildren at the SC beach for a couple days.


simplysewn said...

Your quilt is lovely. I can't wait to see it after you have it "stitched in the ditch." I understand your trepidation about machine quilting and the bulk of the quilt. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt! A quick word of warning - be careful of the type of floor you tape it to. I did this once on a linoleum floor and scratched it up quite a bit!

It will take some getting used to but I bet you have the hang of machine quilting that size work in no time at all. I've done king sized quilts on mine at home and straight lines are not that bad. Free motion is too much of a work out, though!

Can't wait to see more of your knitting progress. I've been away from the computer for some months now and must say I am totally impressed by what you have been accomplishing! Such an inspiration!

Enjoy your vacation.

Mary Lynn said...

Garn, thanks for the hint; yes, I was careful to use my porcelan tile floor and not my hardwood.