Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, now that I (for the first time in a long time) have a birthday sweater in the mail on time

it was time to get started on some new projects.

This may be a sweater vest for a January birthday; however, if I find when I get to the armhole decreases that there's not going to be enough yarn (I'm doing it double stranded, so I kind of doubt there will be enough.), I'll just keep going strait and make a scarf. Not sure who the scarf would be for, though.

And, something I've wanted to do a for a long time is to try my hand and the nylon net pot scrubber. My mom used to make them and I always intended to have her teach me, but ALAS, I never got around to it in time. I was able to locate a pattern, though (a bit different from hers, but I think I can wing it). As you might imagine, I spent quite a bit of time today cutting strips of netting for this ball of "yarn".

Oh, and the background fabrics behind my current knitting projects are the backs of not quite finished quilts. So you see, I'm still in the quilting as well as knitting mode, too.


Elayne said...

The netting is so hard on the hands, I do some of mine with the netting on one side and cotton on the other. Also I am knitting the citrus slice scrubbies.

mamadee said...

Love the sweater - its so CUTE!! thanks for showing us!