Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, my picnic quilt is finally completed (minus the label, which I am told by my quilting friend experts is a must!).

The butterflies in the sashing of that quilt became the inspiration for this butterfly baby quilt for the new baby of a young couple at our church:

And, no, it didn't take long to get something back on my knitting needles. It started off with this really neat cast on for a picot edge:

and ended with some fun binding from my daughter's Chocolate Lollipop collection of fabric:

I felt really good, when I wore the beret for the first time yesterday and a young lady complimented me on it and added, "It suits you."

I think that was a compliment too; I'll take it as such anyway. Now to decide which of the stripe colors I want to use for another beret--monochromatic this time, with maybe a contrasting band.


Amateur Tightwad said...

What a cute beret! I love the fabric finish, which should help it keeps its shape beautifully. Did you follow a pattern, or just make this up as you went along?

Mary Lynn said...

Amateur Tightwad,
The beret pattern is from a book called "Knitting Little Luxuries"--see my July 3 post.
Glad you like it.

Elayne said...

MaryLynn, I love the beret. You did a great job.

Knitserland said...

Oh that is the cutest thing ever! Is it your own pattern? I would love to make one.

Mary Lynn said...

Tina, see my answer above (second comment) re the pattern.