Sunday, November 23, 2008


Oh my, I guess O I haven't been around in a while.  I do need to stop by occasionally and let my faithful friends know what I am up to, I guess.  So here it is:

How much fun is this!  Won't a 5 year old just really love it?
I sure hope so!  It's for her January birthday.

These leggings are for her big sister who will be 17 in January.  Lots of January and February birthdays in our family!

I haven't started on the leggings yet, though.  Since I won't be with any of my children for Thanksgiving this year (We will see them all at Christmas, though-YIPPEE) , I thought the least I could do was send Gary the Gobbler to help them with the dishes.

I've also been having lots of fun with some embroidery.  Great to get back to a type of needle work that I've done so little of in the past several years.  I'll share more of that next time I stop by.

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caryhairbows said...

Mary Lynn,

Fun vest! Very festive and reminds me of confetti. She will love it!