Monday, December 8, 2008

It's been a while, I guess, since I've touched base to let you know what I've been doing.
Perhaps that's because it's taking me forever to get anywhere with these leg warmers.  This is the first one.  I'm finally getting the hang of it.  Sure is a good thing, though that it is for a January 27th birthday and not for Chirstmas.  I'd never make it.  I may still be late; just hoping not.

And after my knitting is done, I'm hoping to get back to some quilting.  I picked up this book a couple weeks ago to give me some ideas for the embroidery that I'm doing on my latest quilt.

And I just have to share with you all a wonderful, cold, crisp, East Tennessee "Good Morning":


Christine said...

how pretty, that morning! wish it was crisp here, too.
that legwarmer looks plenty intricate. but worth it once done, i bet ;)
enjoy the knitting!


Ms Dale said...

Love your East Tennessee Morning. It must be
great living close to the River.
Warmers are looking good too!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Oooh, leg warmers! :) What fun!