Saturday, August 22, 2009


No, I haven't done any knitting or quilting the past few days, although I did do a bit of needlepoint on our little road trip.  No needlecraft to show you today, but thought I'd share a bit of my trip with you.

Leaving the hills of East Tennessee,

through Kentucky Bluegrass horse country,

to the flatlands of my former home Hoosier state,

and on to Chicago where I spent my nursing school and early marriage years.

Then back to my sister's Indiana home where she hosted a wonderful get together with 6 of my high school classmates. 
(Oh, I'm the one on the right on the back row.)
Thanks Teresa, Sheila, Cindy, Marcia, Nancy, and Lynne for taking time to come and visit me.
 It was a delightful evening, to say the least.

Today's trip home was a great time reliving our lively conversation of yesterday evening and the memories that we shared.  It was also a time to remember those classmates who I learned are now longer with us on this earth:
Allene, Doris, Jack, Jim, Jim, and Mike, may your memories be eternal.

And ending my day of remembrances, returning to where I now call home, 

I know that all of those places and people I visited the past few days have made me who I am today.  
I am forever grateful to them all.


Jan said...

Welcome home Mary Lynn! Love the pictures :) You and your HS friends make a lovely group of gals :)

Jennifer D said...

Sounds like a lovely time.