Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oops, I almost forgot to take photos of the two baby quilts that are going to Greece with me for DH's great nephews. So here they are:

They both have chenille backing so I popped them in the dryer on fluff this afternoon to get any remaining fuzz off them.

I was hoping to assemble all the blocks form my block of the month quilt with the sashing before I leave, but that's just not going to happen. This is a photo, though, that a friend took last week at our quilt retreat of the blocks laid out, just so we could see how it will look. Yes, it's intended to have subtle color differences (except, of course, that Kaffe print at the top of the photo that will be one of the fabrics for the sashing.. Our bedroom is mostly in neutrals and this will be for our bed, so I didn't want there to be a lot of obvious pattern in the finished quilt.

One thing I was able to complete today, though, that will go in the mail tomorrow, are these PJs for a special little girl in Ohio. She will be spending lots of hospital time in the weeks to come, so I figured out how to leave the shoulder seams opened and put snap tape on the tops of the sleeves (extending from the opened shoulder seams) for IV access. A bit of a challenge, but worth it in the end, I hope!

I still have a charity afghan that I want to take by the local yarn shop tomorrow, but it's not quite completed, so I best get crackin' , I guess.


Anonymous said...

Mary Lynn, you are soooo talented and sooooo precious to take care of little ones who are hospitalized.



mascanlon said...

Sweet PJ's Mary Lynn, I'll add your little girl in Ohio to my prayer list in the weeks to come.

Eileen said...

Very cute and CLEVER with the special openings.

Jan said...

Ahhhhhhhhh Mary Lynn! Mikayla's jammies are absolutely precious ... a big hug to you for that lovely gesture :) Makes me smile and I love the baby quilts ... the chenille in the second one looks awesome .... soooooo soft! You travel safely my dear and have a wonderful time :)

FlourGirl said...

Those PJ's are too cute ML and I LOVE the quilt for your bed. Have fun in Greece!!