Friday, October 2, 2009


What was I thinking?  I purchased all this fabric on Tuesday.  Not that I don't have a huge stash already, or for that matter, lots of projects in the works as it is.  There are a couple of gift baby quilts to finish, my block of the month that's been forgotten for at least two months.  And, oh yes, the pajamas for my 12 grandchildren for Christmas.  And I have nothing in mind for any of this fabric.  But of course it was on sale.  End of month/end of bolt sale.  If there is 5 yards or less on a bolt and you buy it all, you get it at a 40% discount.  Just can't refuse.  And I do really love all the fabrics.  They will be lovely for something.

And speaking of loving fabric:  I can't wait to get my hands on daughter, Anna Maria's flannels for those Christmas PJs.  I've been busy playing with some wonderful voile that's in her collection that will be debuting (along with the flannel and other new designs) at the Houston quilt market next week.  She asked me to make patchwork from the  3 color ways of her voile so that she can make it in to a pillow to showcase the fabric.  Now you may be thinking that voile is not appropriate for that home-dec use.  Ah, but it is--if you put lightweight fusible fabric on the back.  Anna Maria told me a really easy way to do it for this particular project.  I cut the different fabrics in to 5" squares, then laid them on the sticky side of the Pelon, "butting" them closely against one another and ironed them in place.  Then with right sides together, I folded the fabric on the line where the fabrics meet, and made a 1/2" seam.  Then I cut the seams to press them open.

I then did the same thing with all the perpendicular "meetings".  So easy as the perpendicular seams automatically are where they need to be--no pinning.  Hooray.

And viola, a beautiful patchwork design of your favorite light weight fabrics that will stand up to some healthy home dec uses.

Oh, sorry I can't show you the front of the patches--that will have to come AFTER market.  

In the meantime, enjoy dreaming of all the possible new fabrics that will be available to us soon--just as soon as  our favorite fabric retailers get the fabrics they order next week!


Jennifer D said...


The whole time I was reading I was anticipating the moment you would show the new fabrics!

You are very tricky.The project looks great.

Deanna said...

Mary Lynn I know you will put your new stash to good use, and I too was anticipating seeing your finished project for Anna Maria :)

from KnitWits

Jan said...

You tricked us! (LOL) Love all the new purchases and what a great idea for the squares! I shall have to try that someday :) Can't wait to see the big reveal of the front!

Mary Lynn said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, this is Mary Lynn. I was going to try to blog today, but I'm at daughter Anna Maria's and cannot get in to my blog here--well I probably could if with a techno savy person, but since I"m not--well, you know.
At any rate, I will be able to show you the flip side of this floor pillow top (and the other two) when I return home on Sunday and have my own computer.

mascanlon said...

LOL, and I dropped in especially because I thought you might have a sneak peek available!