Thursday, January 7, 2010


Whew, it wasn't easy, but I was able to put together a few baby and child quilts from pajama (and other) leftovers of the past few years. Most of them I could even find appropriate backings in my stash.

A few, however, I did buy some fleece and flannel for the backings:

And now that I'm on my way to ridding my cupboards of fabric, I though it was about time to do the same thing with my drawers full of yarn. This is the first of the yarn stash reducing projects.

Hmmmmm, what will be next?


Eileen said...

Nice work. My favorite way to bust stash is put it in quilts and then give them away.

Anna Maria said...

Oh I want the hat, I want the hat!
did you ask me a question like a million days ago that I forgot about? We've been a little turned upside down here... love you

Jan said...

They are each and everyone darling Mary Lynn! Great job my dear! Now I must echo AM and say "I want the hat!"