Friday, January 29, 2010


Ah, I just couldn't wait! I had to put the quilt top on the bed, just to see how it will look when it's finished. Not to mention, I had to figure out just how wide to make my sashing.

I gotta say: I love it! And so does my husband. We will be using it before the quilting is completed. Since it's so large (king), there is no way I can machine quilt it on my sewing machine. So I'm planning to baste it well, sew SITD on the sashing seams, go ahead and put the binding on, leave the basting in place, and USE IT. Then I'll hand quilt the blocks by hand when the mood strikes. (That will be quite often as I always do some sort of hand work in the evening when I watch TV.)

My daughter helped me choose a great backing fabric when I was visiting her in Nashville over the weekend. We managed to hit a great sale at Textile Fabrics--which was nice since I needed 9 yards.
You can barely see the binding fabric between the backing fabric and my blocks.

Oh, and hand work in the evening: This sweater for my grandson is taking turns with the quilt embroidery. (for the quilt that is currently on our bed).

I should have this sweater done in plenty of time before his March birthday!


Jan said...

Oh Mary Lynn! That is one gorgeous quilt and it looks awesome on your bed! I am sooooooo impressed and what fun you're gonna have w/that hand quilting! Wishing you many warm, snuggly nights under that beauty :) Enjoy the snow!

Jennifer D said...

Both projects are gorgeous. Very pretty

逛街 said...

wonderful ..................................................

Melissa said...

Mary Lynn, that quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Boy, if I lived near you, I would take quilting lessons from you in a heartbeat!