Friday, August 13, 2010


Still at it: making blocks for daughter Anna Maria's Rainbow Around the Block project.

I didn't mention that when I was at her house last week, I did some block (and she has received a LOT of them)
sorting by color. As I remember, there was an "orange/yellow" grouping, so these will easily go in that category. The two on the left are "Disappearing 9 Patch" pattern which is so easy, and a wonderful way to use 5" squares and not LOOK like a simple 9 patch. The others are simply using up odd sizes and shapes of fabric bits that I just cannot force myself to throw away.

On these greens, the right and left one are an attempt to use us some more small pieces of fabric. The middle on, of course, a simple 9 patch. The squares were too small to give me the leeway to cut and resew for a disappearing 9 patch, so it's just a plain old 9 patch.

I've finished a couple more now and also have a couple 9 patches ready to "disappear" tomorrow !

Oh, yeah, I'm still knitting. Should be able to show you the latest sweater pretty soon.

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