Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hmmm, nothing like a good quilt shop sale to help build the stash. For quilters in the Knoxville area, the last shopping day of each month brings with it a wonderful sale. My favorite "quilting haunt" has an end of month/end of bolt sale. If there is a bolt of fabric with less than 5 yards, you can get whatever is remaining on the bolt at a 40% discount. A couple years ago I found some fantastic "nightie" fabric for the grandchildren. There was, however, a lot more on each bolt than I needed. Not to worry: I knew that stash would come in handy for something. And it sure did this year:
One of my on line friends who is involved with Quilts of Valor told me about another project that her local quilting guild is collecting blankets for. The bottom line is that US service personnel are delivering blankets to the children of the war zones. Many of these children have nothing of their very own. All it took for me was a little time and stash fabric to come up with several blankies for these children. So these and a couple others will be in the mail to my friend tomorrow for her to take to her next guild meeting.

Fun thing for me, and most likely my granddaughters too, is that children so far away are going to be sleeping under the same fabric that their 2008 nighties were made from.

And, oh, yes, and not to leave the boys out: the brown stripe fabric is left over from one of my grandson's PJs. I'll admit, it's not all stash fabric. The fun print with the children I got at the Knoxville quilt show a couple weeks ago.

Oh, and as for the sale: Yep, I was there again yesterday and have fabric for this year's PJs! I think that I won't have quite as much fabric leftover this year, but I'm sure there will be at least some that will find its way in to a quilt somewhere down the road! I'll be sure and let you know.

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