Thursday, June 2, 2011


. . . for my dear friend Jan who passed away yesterday.

Her kindness and genuine caring for others was greater than any I have ever known.

And if anyone thinks that on-line friendships are meaningless, they need to know how many or her on-line quilting friends are traveling great distances (some flying; some driving) to come to her funeral.

This is an excerpt from her obituary:
"She was a passionate quilter and a longtime member of a nationwide internet quilters group making quilts for many charities. She was particularly proud of two of her quilts which were donated to Autism Speaks and the Chron's Society. The group performed many acts of knidess for Janet during her illness. An avid blogger, pictures of Janet's quilts and details of her life can be seen at her blog, quilting in
Janet's mission in life was to help children and their causes; she succeeded beyond limits.."

We will miss you, dear Jan.

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Jennifer D said...

I am so sorry you have lost a special friend. I guess the only consolation is that she is in a wonderful place now. My prayers are with you and her friends and family who now have to go on in this world without her. (((hugs)))