Thursday, June 21, 2007


I guess it's about time to catch up with all my blog friends and let you know about my "week off." The week in NY with my son and his family was wonderful. Oh, what a joy when the youngest grandchild (now 2) recognized me, called out to his "Nani" and came running up to me at the airport. The timing was perfect for me to see the 7 year old's school program that evening and to attend her end of school family picnic on Friday.
My main reason for being there was to help with child care while my son was spending extra time away from home to coordinate a conference that he and a fellow professor at Fordham University had organized. I attended the key note address of the conference, and (as a Greek Orthodox Christian) was humbly honored to witness the ceremony of Archbishop Dimitrios (primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America) receiving an honorary doctorate degree from the university. What I didn't realize before attending was that my son would actually be emceeing the ceremony. My daughter-in-law and I were even invited to the VIP dinner which followed. What a memorable evening.

OK, so I'm proud of my son, but I've got to take my hat off to my daughter-in-law as well. In addition to her full time job (that often entails many extra hours of work at home), she has taught herself to sew in the last few years. (See I am getting to the "sewing stuff", after all.) She had never sewn (although she had done some beautiful needlepoint), but almost every window in their home now has drapes or window treatments that she has made. To my e-friend AMINA, you might recognize the fabric (although yours is green). The framed artwork is simply the animal pattern in the prints that she photocopied, enlarged, and framed.

She had never cut out a garment pattern, and with just a little moral support from me, managed to make her first garment on Saturday while I was there. (Using her sister-in-law's fabric, of course.)

Anna Maria had left her a couple (Bohemian) pillows from her trade show last year that she has used in her other daughter's room (the two bright ones behind the sham).

Even though she may not have thought so, this young lady has quite a knack for color and artistry herself! So I guess I can say I have 3 daughters who are artsits!

Now I just need to decide which new project I should begin--besides, of course, the knitting WIPs. (See, I got the knitting in there, too!)

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The Wooden Spool said...

Darling dress, darling grand-girlie! Thanks for sharing the fun photos of your memorable time.