Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, I have lots of fabric in my stash. Problem is, when I'm ready to use a piece I am never sure which pieces are preshrunk and ready to go. So I've been spending the last few days doing just that, then ironing and trying (Trying--that's a key word here!) to sort by color and stack in my cupboard. For example, just where does this go?

I guess if you divide by cool and warm colors, it would be a cool.

But if I sort by warm and cool colors, where on earth does this one go?

So, I just kind of tried the old Roy G. Biv trick, but that top one still puzzles me (as do many other mixed color fabrics), so it's just sitting on top of the whole pile (on the right) all by itself.

That big piece of brown and white fabric in the left stack will be the backing of the quilt I someday make with the fabric I bought in Soho at Purl Patchwork when I was in New York.
Here's the grouping. I'm glad daughter, Anna Maria, was with me; I had chosen several of the fabrics, but her genetic + trained eye picked out a couple that I would have overlooked, but really love.

OK, so she's got a trained eye, but what's with her liking of the messy edges after the unfinished fabrics have been in the dryer. I HATE those things. Takes almost as long to cut them off as it does to iron the whole yard of fabric!

And speaking of getting ready to "GO", I'm going to be starting my friendship quilt in a few days. The bottom left fabric is the "focus" fabric that was sent to about 24 e-friends. We each made a square for one another and mailed them (after signing our square). I have some extra focus fabric--bottom left (Thank you Janet F!) that I will use for sashing and that other whole piece of fabric from Anna Maria's Bohemian line, I think I will use for the backing. A quilt shop here in town has carried that line and is having a sale on Saturday. If you find a bolt of fabric with 5 yards or less, you can buy the whole bolt at 40% off. So hoping I can find just the right amount.

OK, gotta go check my cupboard again and see if I need to move some fabric into a different order!


The Wooden Spool said...

Love your yummy stash, Mary Jane!!! Great photos! Now get to work snipping the wash-y strings and folding! (LOL)

The Wooden Spool said...

Ooops, typo....I meant to call you Mary Lynn! I need to slow down the typing these days. Have a great rest of your week! I think I need a mommy break as well (from the computer).

Eileen said...

Please tell me that is not all of your stash? If it is, I am NOT showing you mine....LOL

Very very pretty

Mary Lynn said...

This is the "real" quilting fabric; you may recall that I'm a pretty new quilter. I have drawers full of flannel (leftovers from PJs and other that I purchased for baby quilts before I knew the difference between regular flannel and quilters' flannel). I also have a shelf full of home dec fabric waiting to be made in to pillows.
Actually I think that's a pretty good stash for someone whose only been doing "real quilting for a little over a year!