Monday, March 24, 2008

A day in the studio

Ah, what fun I had with my daughters and families this weekend. As Orthodox Christians did not celebrate Easter quite yet (It will be celebrated this year on April 27.), it was not a holiday weekend for us--just time to be together because the cousins were on spring break.

On Saturday while the girls and I did a bit of antique/flea market shopping and just hanging out, the guys made marshmallow guns out of pvc pipe. You can imagine just how many mini marshmallows there were around the yard with 3 boys, ages 8-10; and I believe 6 yo Isabela got in on that action too!

But for me seeing what's new in Anna Maria's studio is always the highlight of a trip to Nashville:
All the rolls of her new Drawing Room and Garden Party fabric,

and even getting to fondle it a bit as Eleni and I helped pack it in to little bundles for prizes and her on-line shop.

And this trip, I had the extra bonus of watching the girls put together a photo for Anna Maria's upcoming book, from camera set up

to hair

and make up.

The make up artist, is granddaughter Juliana, and the model daughter Eleni.

All in all a great weekend. So now that I'm home it's time to get back to work with some knitting and quilting!

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