Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hmm, I guess I'm just kind of finishing up some projects, starting others, and waiting to finish yet some more.

The baby blankie I was knitting is finished, and I just completed the quilt to go with it today. I must say that even though I have made many baby quilts, this one was quite exciting: #1, I used my walking foot for the first time to do just a "tad" of free motion quilting. (I'm taking a beginning machine quilting class next month, so I decided to wait for that before I decide to get too fancy!). #2, I used fabric glue to baste my binding. Of course, I used the walking foot for the binding too. Both these new experiences in quilting were awesome!

(This quilt, blankie, and receiving blanket will be a gift.)
The little bit of machine embroidery that I did on this quilt is new for me also. Aaaaand how great it was to be able to do multitask quilting. While my Janome was doing the embroidery yesterday, I was busy on my little Brother making half square triangles.

Now that the baby blankie is knitted, I have started a sweater for my soon to be 13 year old granddaughter. Is it cheating too horribly to only do 2 inches instead of 4 for a guage check swatch?

As far as quilting goes, I'm waiting to pick up my Buckeye Beauty quilt from the LA quilter on Tuesday, but I'll have my binding all ready to go,

and I'll have a new bottle of glue too, instead of the glue stick that I used today.

So now to get back to my half square triangles from the exchange fabric.

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