Sunday, August 31, 2008


My goodness, I can't believe that after having 3 knitting projects going at the same time that I have no knitting on any of my needles. I will be doing something about that in just a few minutes here--starting the beret that I showed you a couple months ago.

I was able to complete the sweater vest for my grandson and sent it off with his mom this morning after she left here from her too short visit:

I'm actually happy that I didn't have quite enough yarn to complete it; I trimmed the neck and arm bands in dark brown and really like it. (Not sure you can see that in this not-so-good photo.)

And this quilt is most likely as I write winging its way over the Atlantic to my sister-in-law for her first grandchild:

So now it's on to that beret I'm knitting for myself, a sweater for an October birthday, 3 baby quilts, and then I think it will be about time to start on the Christmas jammies for the 11 (one more than last year) grandchildren. Then I guess it will be time to start the knitting projects for the 3 January birthdays. Looks like I'll be able to keep busy for a while.

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