Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, I guess spring is time for the birds to be nesting:
  This mama dove has found a safe spot on top of one of our front porch columns.

And these two (of three) baby finches are safe and sound at the corner of one of our down spouts.

We won't talk about all the starlings we are trying to"fend off".

Remember the lettuce seeds that I planted several weeks ago.  I am still trying to get them to grow.  I think now that it's warmed up a bit, they might just "take off" here around my pansies.

I gave up on my own parsley seedlings.  They did not do well at all.  But my local herb gardner saved the day and I have planted some of her parsley in my other patio pot.
Soon it will be too warm and I will need to replace the pansies with other plants--perhaps the geraniums that made it in the house during the winter.

But one of the best things about a warm spring day is starting the day outside knitting.  

The shawl (a gift from a dear friend) is just enough, over my jammies, to keep the early morning chill off before I begin my day.  Thanks, Shirley!


Anonymous said...

Love all those great pictures


Anonymous said...

Your post made me SMILE! Happy Spring, Mary Lynn!!

Shannon in PA