Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, you've seen some of our spring time birds.  There were flowers soon to follow.
 (By the way, those baby finches from last weekend's post "flew the coop" the next day!) 

My irises bloomed just in time to put on our table for a weekend get together with friends.

Then I noticed that we have our first rose on one of the three bushes that we transplanted during the winter.  Hooray, they made it.

Ah, and lo and behold, a wonderful calla lily that my sister brought me last year, I thought I had killed.  So I put the pot in the garage--no care all winter long.  And look what I found the other day!  Those tiny starts are now in one of my landscape beds.

But, as usual this time of year, I am digressing from the quilting and knitting subjects.
So, this is where my picnic quilt was for our get together last Sunday.  While this is one of my creations that I really want to be used, I wasn't quite ready to put it outside with barbeque sauce for its maiden debut!

However, I think we are having guests again this weekend so it's going to the outdoor table for dinner--no barbeque sauce this weekend.

And while I haven't been doing too much in the way of active quilting (or piecing) lately, I am still spending my leisure  evening hours knitting.  And, of course, it's spring, so there must be birds and flowers involved!

And there are my charity quilts with the batting pinned to the tops just waiting for me to get to the sewing machine.  Let's see, a walk, then some sewing before I settle in to my knitting with "Lost".  Sounds like a good evening plan to me.   I guess I'd better get going, huh?


Jennifer D said...

I just Love your picnic quilt on the table.Inspirational.

Lulu said...

Your quilt looks delightfully cheerful on the table.