Monday, May 14, 2007


OK, we all know about stash, and we also know that to use up our stash it is necessary to buy even more fabric to go with our stash if we are ever going to use it up properly. And, of course, that leads to even more in our piles. And WOW, did that happen to me today. Well, it really all started last week when I saw bolts of chenille at my Hancock's store that is going out of business. I didn't buy any of it then. But when I was going through my stash over the weekend considering what to use for a baby blanket, I remembered the chenille--such a wonderful backing for a baby blanket. So---back I went today and bought about 11 yards of it in various baby colors--oh, and some cream for me for a robe. Talk about adding to stash, that stuff takes up some serious space.

But see, the yellow will be a perfect backing for this blankie:

And the lavender for this one with a sqaure of the lavender chenille in each corner of the pieces side to make it all "work":

Kind of like I did with the red on this one that I made over the weekend:

I managed to find a good backing for it at Hancock's last week too. (That's when I saw the chenille.)

Do I get credit for at least thinking about the chenille a couple days before blindly buying it?
Oh, and yeah, I got a couple yards of mint green too, not even sure if I have any stash that will go with it, but, hey, can't pass up a good sale (60% off) on chenille right?

Oh, but check this out: Not even one iota of this is stash--unless you consider the center print that I've had since February just waiting for the right idea. It will be the backing for my "Quilt Interrupted" pattern someday. Fun, huh?

Oh, and yes, to my knitting friends, I have quite a stash of yarn and unused pattern books, too!



arte said...
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atet said...

oooh, what lovely fabrics! Can't wait to see what you do with the Dick and Jane prints and that fun hula hoop print. I couldn't have passed up the chenille either!

Variations On A Theme said...

Just found your website through Anna Maria's. What amazing, talented and BEAUTIFUL children you have! And now I see where they get it from! You seem like such a dear, lovely lady. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day! -Lisa