Friday, May 11, 2007


This is an interesting week for those who keep track of days and weeks that honor different professions and people in our lives. I never made the connection before this week that Nurses' Week and Mother's Day are both celebrated during the same week. How appropriate as we honor those who nurture.
I had a wonderful surprise this week. I was in our local mall and lo and behold: there, in the holiday-time -Santa-area was a specially designated spot to honor nurses. All I had to do was show my license, and I got a couple wonderful freebies AND a choice of a makeover, manicure, or massage. You guessed it: I took the massage! I can't share the massage, but here are the freebies that I was given. I am wearing my new shirt today and actually had to take it off for the photo:

As much as I like t-shirts to wear around the house, I like this little bag even better,
perfect to hold my little knitting projects--and perhaps someday when I get really good at it applique projects--for plane trips or just a waiting room activity.

This next photo honors both mothers and nurses. Years ago I gave this little Avon "statuette" to my mother, most likely for Mother's Day. When she was in a wonderful assisted living facility, it fell from her bookshelf and was broken in several pieces. At the time, I didn't think it was necessary for the staff member (I'm not sure if she was an LPN or a nursing assistant) to bother to glue it back together. But that sweet woman did take the time to put the pieces back together, and I am forever grateful.

You see, it was my mother who taught me my love of gardening and all things that grow. She taught me to nurture. But most of all, she taught me to love.

Blessings to all you nurturers out there!

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