Saturday, May 5, 2007


Goodness, I don't have too much time left. I need to put my knitting totally aside now as I work on completing the crib quilt for my church's silent auction next weekend.

So the knitting has been moved to the side as I am concentrating on quilting this week. And I must say, after getting out the old quilting frame and doing some mindless hand quilting while watching TV, it is just as relaxing as knitting--certainly moreso that the Aran sweater. In fact, I don't know why I've waited so long to get out the frame for some quilting.

I think the frame will just stay up now, a bit out of the way--waiting for the next project. Hmmm, I think it would look better with something on it all the time, don't you?

And speaking of frames, for those of my knitting buddies who have spoken of projects DON (dead on the needles), I have a DOF (dead on the frame) needlepoint that I started sometime in the 7os, probably before some of you were even born!

Here's its twin that I did finish way back when:

OK, I need to get back to work now, putting the binding on my quilt.

Enjoy your weekend with your needles, whether they be of the knitting or sewing variety!


Bethany Jane Hissong said...

I love the pail and shovel!!! Can't wait to see it finished :)

The Wooden Spool said...

Beautiful pillows, Mary! The black and white one just pops out at me on that lovely pink chair! Keep on pluggin away. Have a great week! Laurie~

DIANA said...

i was born in1965..i really like to see your quilts..i am your Annamaria's you remember me?sometimes i come in and see these beautiful quilts..ciao ciao!!