Thursday, May 31, 2007


Gosh, this has been a bit of a critter week at our house. First of all, on Monday morning, I saw both of the neighbors' cats on my patio. I often see one of them there in the morning when I am exercising, but usually not both of them. I managed to lure them to a gaze into the window for this photo.

It seems that one of them wanted to join me in the Pilates "side leg lift series"!

We noticed early in the week that we had something digging in the landscape bed. So we set a trap last night that netted this little fellow.

Hopefully he's found new home about 6 miles from here where my husband took him this morning.
And this is part of why we want him to find a new home. I like my roses just like they are! This is about the most blooms I've ever had on the yellow one.

I'm hoping to transplant this one this fall, farther away from the holly bush it is near. It is too close. I'm hoping if I move it a little farther away, it will be able to breathe a little better and not get so much black spot.

Maybe some more quilting and knitting news next time!

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thewoodenspool said...

OHhh, what a little rascal you caught! We have had deer eating away at our roses my whole growing up life at home! Roses were like their "candy" your gorgeous flowers!!!