Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Just which of these is most annoying?

Well, you may remember from my last entry that I mentioned getting annoyed with those little thingies that my daughter calls "washy strings"--you know the unfinished fabric edges that develop into a stringed mess when they go into the washer and dryer for pre sewing shrinking.

Well there are some other edges that really drive me nuts--the rolled edges of knitted items. I have tried the trick of knitting the last stitch of every row, no matter what the pattern calls for and I must admit that it does help some--but not always tremendously. And I must admit that I forgot that trick this time around, so this is what I ended up with.

Believe it or not, this is one fronts to the hoodie that I am working on.

But what is even more annoying has nothing to do with edges. I get really aggravated when I pay good money for an upscale yarn and get knots in it. This is the third knot so far in this project.

Yes, some of you know that I have been working on the hoodie and an Aran sweater for weeks now. You are probably wondering if I will ever finish them. I'm beginning to wonder myself! Just to let you know, I do finish things occasionally, like these wash/dish cloths that go places with me--like the doctor's office waiting room, the car repair shop, or just down to the river.
Any place I want to knit where I don't want to bother with a pattern.

And speaking of pattern, I think I have the final idea for my friendship square quilt. Neither the quilt shop or Anna Maria have enough of that piece of Bohemian fabric I was considering for the backing, so I had to go to another plan. This will be the backing and the binding.

If you are reading this, Anna, do you have enough of the circle (purple and brown) left for binding, or do I need to buy some? And I'll need about a yard and a half of the cream paisley.

I did finish my sashing (using some "postage stamp" pieces that I already had).

The sashing will surround the blocks from my friends (+ 2 of mine for a 6 block x 4 block rectangle) and outside the sashing I will add my own blocks.

My figures show it to be a 42" x 54 " finished throw. It will be a while yet before it's finished as I need to make several more blocks. (Funny, I didn't realize that the block I put in the corner for this photo actually had some of the binding fabric in it.)

So now that I have the photos taken, I can move the blocks off the cutting table and really get to cutting some more blocks. Better hop to it!


Anna Maria said...

hhmm, I just have a little of the purple cathedral print, I'll check it and let you know :)

Eileen said...

Those stars are looking GOOD!!!!!! I would never have thought to put in purple but it really works well. You and Anna Marie and very daring with color.

Mary Lynn said...

Believe me, if I had not learned from Anna Maria, I would have never thought of the purple either. In fact when I was first working on the FSs (way back when), we went through her Bohemian fabrics, and she helped me choose ones that would work.