Friday, October 19, 2007

Ah, fall in the air! Even if it is nearly 80 degrees out, you can still just FEEL it! As I look out the laundry/sewing room window and see the leaves blowing and slowly changing from green to beautiful yellows and reds (I'll share a photo of that when there is just a bit more color.), it's for sure that autumn is beginning. But with the fall winds blowing, it means that winter and Christmas can't be to far behind. That tells this "Nani" that it's time to get crackin' on those PJs for the grandchildren. (My husband swears I'll be making them PJs when they're 40. Not to worry, I won't be around that long.) Just how long will I keep making them? I don't know. Granted the oldest is almost 16; perhaps she thinks it's kind of a"lame" gift, but if she does, she doesn't let on. And of course she doesn't mind the little gift certificate tucked inside the package, either. I guess it may be time to start that with her 12 year old cousin, too.

You've seen some of the fabric. Well, I've got the rest now and did some more cutting today.
My daughter-in-law mentioned that her 5 year old is really in to night gowns now instead of pajams. So, the 4 younger girls will get gowns:

This for 6 and 3 year old sisters.

And this for their 5 & 8 year old cousins.

This fabric is so nice. I got it at a quilt shop and the quality is so much better that the sale flannel I used to buy. Not as many novelty prints to choose from, but I thought this might be a little change. The fabric just feels so good that I couldn't wait to get it cut out to see how much fabric might be left for a quilt. I'm thinking a "hearts and flowers" quilt. Hmmmmm, like I don't have enough not-even-begun-quilts in my stash closet!

Speaking of quilts, I am still plugging away on the hand quilting I started a few weeks ago. I finally have a comfort level of "rocking" the needle, using an under thimble.

I like this thimble for my stitching hand:

Still lots of frogging ("rip it, rip it"), here and there, but I'm slowly progressing.
Although these next photos are not very clear, you may be able to see how much smaller my
newer stitches are

compared some earlier ones!

Nowhere near 15/inch that a cyber friend told me that she gets! I guess I'll just have to keep at it! So I guess I'll close here and do just that!


Anna Maria said...

How on earth does that tiny little thimble stay on??

Mary Lynn said...

The thimble comes with little reusable "stickies" that keep it in place. You were with me when I bought it from Joelle at Purl.