Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yep, it's a funky fall

All right, this is getting ridiculous. I wanted to show you a photo of our fall leaves, but alas, they are not "fall" leaves just quite yet. I will be taking a trip through the Smokie Mountains tomorrow (on my way to grandchild--they are not babies--sit in Columbia, SC.). Perhaps I can get some good photos of an Appalacian fall for you after all somewhere along the way. We shall see.

If not that, I will at least be able to show you some of the fun things in daughter Eleni's shop. Most of you know my daughter Anna Maria; I thought I'd like to show you a little of her big sister's artistic talent as well.

On the home front, I am hoping to return to some real fall colors on the trees. I admittedly do have some nice mums, but along with them I also have

a springtime shamrock,

a summer rose,

and my crazy Christmas cactus . . .

Everything is so crazy with the flowers of nature, let's just make our own beauties knitting or quilting. Oh, that reminds me, I need to go put some yarn and needles in my suitcase! I think I'll even take my quilt with me and try my hand at quilting with the work on my lap--that is when I'm not holding Eleni's miniature dachsund, Fiona.


Anna Maria said...

Yes the geraniums you left here while in Greece look beautiful right now. Go figure.
have a good trip!! xoxoA

Mary said...

I feel your pain on the absence of fall leaves. We went from super hot to cold virtually overnight this week. Of course, the drought isn't helping things at all. Have a safe trip and enjoy those grandkids!