Wednesday, October 10, 2007


OK, I'm a little confused: it was almost 90 degrees yet again yesterday. I was even able to take a nice swim on Sunday and Monday.

But my front porch mum is looking really good:

and my Christmas cactus is beginning to bloom!

So I guess that means it's just about flannel time and I really can start on those Christmas PJs for the grandchildren (10 and counting--another due in Feb). My daughter, Anna Maria, suggested last year that for the older children I just make PJ bottoms and get coordinating knit shirts. What a time saver and the kids love them! So that's the plan again this year. I have already picked up a few fabrics

Oops, sorry about the blurry photos!

and shirts

over the last few months, so no reason I can't get started even before a trip to the fabric store.

So I guess instead of talking about it, I'd just better do it. Not to worry, though, sewing is my daytime work so I'm still able to keep up with my knitting and quilting in the evening!


Mary said...

oooooh! I like the idea of knit shirts with flannel PJ pants. I have the Favorite Little Things jammies pattern and was planning to make the jacket with, but maybe I should do a tee instead. Or maybe I'll do a tee AND a jacket.

Sandy said...

Great idea. Do you use a pattern for the pants? I have 6 grandsons and may just do the same for them this year.

Mary Lynn said...

Yes, Sandy, I do use a pattern. I have used either Butterick 3644 or Simplicity 9490 for the older boys. I have very old pattern (may not still be around any more) that I have been using for the younger children: Butterick 3042.

Mary Ann/Ca said...

Oh my the quilt of it all...I have lots of apron fabric picked out, patterns selected and I just can't get Christmas on my radar yet...but you did! Thanks so much!