Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah, the joys of life

Yes, some of the best joys of life--incredibly better than even knitting and quilting--are grandchildren. I was busy last week caring for Anna Maria's children while she and her husband were in New York for Anna Maria's stint on the Martha Stewart show.
On the evening before Mom and Dad left, I made it very clear that Nicolas, the "tree climber", would not be allowed to do this while Mom and Dad were away. (That's his brother, Joseph half way up--thankfully, not quite so brave.)

Apparently I had everything pretty well under control as Leo, the Lab, seemed pretty relaxed with my presence. Oops, sorry Anna, I think he's not supposed to be on that patio couch!

I got to have even some extra time with some of the children, bringing Isabela and Eleni home with me, to be returned on Thanksgiving day when we meet up with Mom, Dad, and siblings at their other grandparents house. Part of the fun of their visit here was to take them to Dollywood on Sunday after church. The favorite part of the little one's day was the "horses".

This really is about knitting: the sweaters tied around the waist and neck are two of the "Nani" sweaters.

I'm not really sure how I managed to get written to you all before they are out of bed, but there it is!

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