Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ah, it's finally beginning to really feel like fall in East Tennessee. I think we might even have to turn the heat on one of these days. Time to break out the fall socks. Hmm, I think I can probably replace my old standard silly socs

with my new bamboo hand knitted ones.

It's a good thing I brought some of my plants in yesterday; I think a freeze is predicted one night next week.

(Those copper pieces in the center were my husband's grandmothers--one of my favorite inherited items--and one my favorite fun things from daughter Eleni's shop is the fake baby olive tree just right of the copper.)

I hope young Joseph doesn't get too cold waiting for the school bus before I take his birthday sweater to him when I go to Nashville to baby sit while his mom is in New York to be on the Martha Stewart show.

Of course, anyone that knows anything about SEC football knows that there is a group of boaters known as the "Vol Navy" who take their boats to the river docks just adjacent to Neyland stadium. Many of those boats pass right by our house--of course, lots today for homecoming. That's also a sure sign of fall. We're not in to going to the games, just watching on TV or listening on the radio. Today is one of those beautiful, crisp days that just feels like a football stadium would be a fun place to be.
But I'll just stay home and take a walk. The leaves have turned a bit more, but still not the typical fall color that we would have had if we were not in a drought.

(I promise I wasn't going more that 25 MPH!)

But I'd better speed up and get back to my quilting.

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Mary said...

Honey won't be too far from you in a couple of weeks when he comes up to see those Vols. I, however, wouldn't be caught anywhere near all that orange. Roll Tide! LOL!