Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ah, the joy of a special treat from a great little knitting shop in Soho, NYC. My daughter Anna Maria was there last week for a segment on the Martha Stewart show. And she just can't let a visit to NYC go by without a trip to Purl Soho. (I was with her there once myself, and it is a wonderful little store.) When she and her husband arrived home and walked in the door, the children (the older ones who were still awake, that is) eagerly waited to see what goodies Mom and Dad brought home for them. They were all happy, but none happier than "Nani" with the surprise that she got:

some luxurious soc yarn and a great little knitting book.

I fact, after I brought her two little girls home with me, I just had to take a break from my baby blanket knitting and try out one of the patterns. Last year I had made a beret to go with the sweater for one of the girls, but didn't have enough sweater yarn left for big sister. What to do? Mom, Anna Maria, had made a crochet scarf for her, so two little girls happily went with me to JoAnn's last week to find yarn that would look good with the scarf. She picked out the perfect yarn. I found a pattern in the book that was knitting with 2 strands at a time so it would go quickly.

I left out the "Nordic" pattern and Isabela wanted a pompom, so this is what we got:

Not bad for about 3 hours, huh? She loves it and happily wore it when she went for a walk at Grandpa Ben's farm where we reunited two happy little girls with their Mom, Dad, and siblings on Thanksgiving day.

Now, back to my baby blanket.

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