Friday, November 9, 2007


Goodness me, so much to get done, so little time. I like the idea that one of my e-friends shared the other day in a discussion of doing our own quilting or sending our quilts out to be stitched. There just aren't enough hours left in our lifetimes to do all the quilts we want to do if we take the time do hand quilt them all! So I'm thinking that my next large quilt project just might be sent out. I'll still do the baby quilts on my machine because that is doable for me, especially after watching a "Simply Quilts" show the other day on the subject.

In the meantime, still a lot of other things on my plate right now:
the Christmas PJs

and a baby blanket.

So my hand quilting project stays on its frame by the window, patiently waiting for my return.

While at the other window, my newly transported hibiscus is waiting for next summer to go back outside. Gosh, maybe I could use that for my Christmas tree this year and save some time decorating!

With all this to do, it's wonderful to awaken to a beautiful East Tennessee dawn to brighten my day for the work that's always awaiting me.


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea to use the hibiscus tree for a Christmas tree! The tree doesn't have to be an evergreen. You may have been joking, Mary Lynn, but wouldn't it be fun to actually do it?
I enjoy reading your blog & seeing your projects.

Mary Lynn said...

Denise, actually I was joking; just that it's in the spot where my tree usually goes. I agree that it would be fun for a change, though, but I'm afraid I'd break too many branches with the lights and ornaments that i couldn't resist trying!

Anna Maria said...

Mom, it was nice for ME to wake up and see that beautiful sunrise on your blog this morning too. Made me feel very relaxed, which is a good thing today. I may steel the photo for my blog to share the calm...
xoxo, see you soon! Anna

Mary Lynn said...

Anna, go for it; no copyrights here!

CrazyAnn said...

MaryLynn-You make me want to get to Tennesse sooner!! What an awesome photo. And don't obsess over having numerous projects-we all have them. CrazyAnn