Saturday, February 9, 2008


For those of you who may be wondering--since most of my posts lately have been about sewing: Yes, I am still knitting and here's proof.

This is a set that I've made for my soon-to-be-here granddaughter.
It should be about right for her to wear next winter, I think.

Most of you know that knitting is my evening needlework occupation and the daylight spare hours are spent sewing. I'm still working on my curved blocks. I just have four more curved seams to put together and then I'll be ready to press and construct my blocks. I usually press my seams to one side; however, this time, I think I'll press them open since I'm planning my quilting to be "stitch in the ditch".

For those of you who may be curious, this is how it is made. You can, of course, use any size you want. My strips are 5 1/2 inches wide. The curved seam is cut free hand. (I do a stack for 4 or 5 at a time.)

Then, using the "stack and whack" method, I move one of the top strips to the bottom of its pile. I mark with pins the nadir of my curves on opposite piles to get a good match for the pinning.

I then carefully pin the curved seams together. It' time consuming (Hmm, and I thought half-square-triangles were a pain), but I'm hoping the finished project will be worth it.
The tiny pins I got for some applique this summer work quite well for this pinning job.

Once those seams are sewn together and pressed, they are cut to surround a center square.

As I said, I've got a few more of those strips to cut and seam; however, there's a red dress I have that's a bit long for someone of my stature. Considering the week that is coming up, I think it's a good time to get that dress shortened and hemmed. I'd better get busy with that if I want to get back to this quilt!

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