Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WASH (The Stash) DAY

Oh, my goodenss, I just took the time this morning to check out the closet that I keep my unwashed stash in. Oops, I have really gone a bit overboard lately. Granted, nothing like some of the stashes I have seen, but a lot for me. Whatever will I do with all this fabric? Well, first of all, I will preshrink it and get it in to the closet for "ready to go fabric".

As to what I will eventually do with it, the upper left corner is Christmas fabric; I've not made a holiday specific quilt yet, but a lap rug might be nice--maybe even one for me and another for a gift. (That fabric was 50% off after Christmas; what more can I say?)
On the upper right hand corner is fabric that I purchased a couple weeks ago when I met some internet friends for a fabric shopping trip. The packets are strips already cut and ready to go and that with it is for the backing. (I'm not washing that; I'm afraid the strips would be a real mess, so it will be sewn in its original state.) When I bought that fabric, I had in mind a nephew's expected twins in case it's a boy and a girl.
Bottom left some Kaffe Fasset that I just had to have and one of daughter Anna Maria's Bohemian prints (no longer being made)--30% off everything in the store that day. Next to that flannel for next years boys' PJ bottoms --50% off. Then some white backing fabric, 30% off.
The bottom right are a couple 1/2 price prints I found while shopping with my internet friends and the last two found the same day--nothing particular in mind, just liked them.

So now it's all washed and put away with the other fabrics waiting to become quilts, PJs, or whatevers. I already have in mind the 2 quilts that will be made from the middle stack (beside the pattern box) on the second shelf.

Now all this talk about washing and stashing really is going somewhere. My sewing machine and cutting table are in my laundry room. Yes, it would be nice to have a room devoted to just sewing; however there are advantages to the combo--even though I do have to fold up my cutting table from its largest configuration to get to my sewing machine: I can MULTI-TASK. Today as I was washing my stash I was cutting pieces for my 30's reproduction baby quilt that I had started a while back. (Jan 2 post)

And the other day I was playing with the embroidery on my machine a bit more. I found that even though the machine does its own work, if there are many colors in the design, you pretty much have to be around to thread the machine. What better time that when folding laundry?
Oh, did I just mention lots of color? Well, here's some color for you:

Add that to my latest embroidery play

And you have this:

This was sent to an internet friend who is involved in the charity, Quilts for Kids. She wanted colorful; I think she got it!

OK, back to my laundry, 'er uh, sewing room.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy, Mary Lynn. I can't wait to see it. I'm thinking this quilt will need black sashing to let the blocks shine. - JanetK