Sunday, February 22, 2009


Are we there yet? To Spring, that is.  Well, I guess not since we had a dusting of snow this morning.  And after all it is only February.  
BUT, all those things aside, it must be just around the corner as my lettuce seedlings have begun to sprout--as evidenced by this photo taken a couple days ago.  And I just noticed a couple hours ago that there is the very beginning if some sprouting going on in my parsley container--but too little to be able to see with my camera lens, so that will have to wait until next time.

In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with my quilt blocks--And that IS spring.  These are my May and June installments of the Block of the Month quilt:

My knitting is moving right along too:  
*  The baby blanket is growing -- as is the baby according to my daughter--14 more weeks to go.  
*  The beret is finished but  WAY  to0  big, so I'm going to try to figure out how to modify it to a brimmed hat.  
*  The leg warmer is growing too, although very slowly.  I knit about 4 rounds per hour.

So I guess I'd better get busy if I want the knitting projects to keep growing.

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IRENE said...

Hello Mary Lynn,
So glad you contacted me! I admire Anna-Maria as a creative person but she also stands out for her personality. I have read about your other two children, too. God has blessed you with good children.
Seeing my little plants sprouting is one of the most important moments of the season for me.
I do not know how to quilt, but I admire it as a ingenious way of the people to express their creativity and their love of beauty.
I have posted some recipies and links that you might want to check. They are all veggie-rich. I hope they will be of help to Anna-Maria.
Best Wishes to you and your beautiful family.