Saturday, February 28, 2009


Oh, my goodness, I'm really glad in this instance that my gauge was not right.  This was supposed to be a beret

but was WAAAAAAY to big.  So I decided to change it into a brimmed hat.  I think that was a good DECISION.  It was so big that there was enough knitted "fabric" to turn the  brim under so it is double thickness with nylon net interfacing sewn between the layers.  The little bow (admittedly difficult to see in the photo) can adjust the size for fit.  I'm really happy with it and that's one Christmas present for next year taken care of.  It will go with the scarf that I didn't get finished this year.  

And speaking of Christmas gifts, this is the next of my seasonal dish cloths for a dear gift recipient:

And now on the quilting front.  If I follow the pattern that I was planning to use from Evelyn Sloppy's
"40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts",

my log cabin blocks will be divided by the flying geese sashing like this.

Or this is what it would look  like without the sashing, but it would need more log cabin blocks to make it large enough.

And yes, I do need to redo those bottom left 3 blocks to a darker color--or if I add more blocks to make it without the sashing, perhaps I'll add more variety of colors and rearrange.  

I'll keep you posted.


Elayne said...

You sure are keeping busy.

Cary Hairbows said...

You are amazing, Mary Lynn, and can do circles around me! I love everything I see so far and admire your creativity.